These professional musicians all rate our hand-built gear and are proud to endorse Pinegrove Leather.

Chris Turpin, Ida Mae
Ida Mae

Chris Turpin of Ida Mae with his Pinegrove BS82 Guitar Strap matched to his all-metal National resonator guitar.

Mike Harding
Mike Harding with his Pinegrove Harmonica Case

Multi-instrumentalist and radio DJ Mike Harding with one of his Pinegrove Straight-8 Harmonica Cases. “The best harp roll ever IMHO"

Jim Moray

Jim Moray with a Pinegrove GS61 Guitar Strap. "I discovered Pinegrove straps at a festival I and bought a padded guitar strap which I used that day. It hasn’t been off my instrument since, and I’ve recently bought another to live with a different guitar."

Liam Ward, The Liam Ward Band

Liam Ward of The Liam Ward Band and The Rumblestrutters with his Pinegrove 12-Pack Harmonica Case. Liam also runs LearnTheHarmonica.com and teaches harmonica 1-to-1.

Raphael Dumas, Sarah Olivier Band

Raphael Dumas of the Sarah Olivier Band with his Pinegrove GS41 Guitar Strap slung on a standard Tele.

Online blues harp teacher Tomlin Leckie shows off the Pinegrove 12-Pack Harmonica Case in this video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSKse94nFaY.

Ciaran Algar

Multi-instrumentalist Ciaran Algar with his Pinegrove GS55 Guitar Strap matched to a luthier-built tenor guitar.

Lindsay Anderton, Lucy Angel

Lead vocalist and harmonica player Lucy Anderton of US Country band Lucy Angel with her Pinegrove 4-Pack Harmonica Case.

Al Petteway

Grammy award winner Al Petteway, here with Amy White. Al uses a Pinegrove GS25 Guitar Strap. "I love my new vintage style strap from Pinegrove Leather. It has no metal parts that can scratch the finish and the leather is the best I’ve seen on a guitar strap."

Paul Gillings, The Harpoon Blues Band

World champion harmonica player Paul Gillings carries a Pinegrove 8-Pack Harmonica Case.
"The leather was top quality and smelled amazing!" Paul also runs tee-shirt company https://www.harmonica-tees.co.uk

Ric Colley, Howlin' Ric and the Rocketeers

Lead vocalist, guitarist and drummer Howlin' Ric uses a Pinegrove GS25 Guitar Strap to sling his acoustic, plus a Pinegrove Vintage Drumstick Bag to to stow his sticks. Ric also plays in psychobilly band The X-Ray Cat Trio.

Jake Robinson,

Online harmonica reviewer and teacher Jake Robinson gives a video review of the Pinegrove harmonica bandolier at