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Welcome to Pinegrove. We design and make luxury leather straps & cases for musical instruments, all in our own workshop in Shropshire, England.

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"Think about all the things you own. The clothes you wear, the shoes on your feet, the car you drive. How much of it has been made by a single individual from start to finish? Well, that's what you get from Pinegrove Leather. A very personal service, in which one pair of eyes and one pair of hands has carefully created an item that is perfect down to the last stitch. A strap or case that the maker knows will be used and appreciated thousands of times by its owner. That's a responsibility to be taken seriously. You can trust that we do. Yours, Rod Boyes, Pinegrove Leather"

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Customers in EU countries should note that there will be sales tax and customs administration charges to pay when an item from the UK enters your country. 

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Pinegrove gear in action at Music Bros music shop, Shrewsbury