These professional musicians all rate our hand-built gear and are proud to endorse Pinegrove Leather.

Peter Hook with black GS78 guitar strap 7-4-23 mono 2.jpg

Peter Hook

Joy Division, New Order

"I am now sorted forever" says revered bass innovator Peter Hook of his new Pinegrove extra-long straps.  Over 40 years after Joy Division, Hooky is still busy playing with his own band Peter Hook And The Light. Read more here

David Benedict press shot Nov 2021 sq mono.jpg

David Benedict

Top mandolin guru David Benedict rates the Pinegrove MS50 strap as the best you can buy.   Check out his many Youtube lessons and performances with bluegrass innovators Mile Twelve.

TonyFurtado_ƒ-795x1024 mono.jpg

Tony Furtado

Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Tony Furtado travels the world with his particular brand of Americana roots music.   Tony sent us a video review of his Pinegrove GS41 guitar strap - all good!

roger wade mono.jpg

Roger Wade

Seydel endorser and hard-working Germany-based bluesman Roger Wade uses the Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier and 12-Pack case.   Roger tours with the Houserockers and duo It Takes Two.


Lindsay Anderton
Lucy Angel

Lead vocalist and harmonica player Lucy Anderton of US Country band Lucy Angel with her Pinegrove 4-Pack Harmonica Case.

Paul Gillings
The Harpoon Blues Band

World champion harmonica player Paul Gillings carries a Pinegrove 8-Pack Harmonica Case. "The leather was top quality and smelled amazing!"


Ric Colley

Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers

Lead vocalist, guitarist and drummer Howlin' Ric uses a Pinegrove GS25 Guitar Strap to sling his acoustic, plus a Pinegrove Vintage Drumstick Bag to to stow his sticks. Ric also plays in psychobilly band The X-Ray Cat Trio. 


Tomlin Leckie

Online blues harp teacher Tomlin Leckie shows off the Pinegrove 12-Pack Harmonica Case in this video review

Liam Ward
The Liam Ward Band

Liam Ward of The Liam Ward Band and The Rumblestrutters with his Pinegrove 12-Pack Harmonica Case. Liam also runs and teaches harmonica 1-to-1.

Jake Robinson

Online harmonica reviewer and teacher Jake Robinson gives a video review of the Pinegrove harmonica bandolier here


Mike Harding

Multi-instrumentalist and radio DJ Mike Harding with one of his Pinegrove Straight-8 Harmonica Cases. “The best harp roll ever IMHO"

Chris Turpin

Ida Mae

Chris Turpin of Ida Mae with a Pinegrove BS79 Guitar Strap in tan.  Chris also uses a black BS79 matched to his all-brass National resonator guitar.

Jim Moray

False Lights

Jim Moray, major British folk artist: "I discovered Pinegrove straps at a festival and bought a padded guitar strap which I used that day. It hasn’t been off my instrument since, and I’ve recently bought another to live with a different guitar."


Al Cisneros

Sleep, OM

Al Cisneros of ultimate stoner band Sleep uses Pinegrove BS63 straps on his eight Rickenbacker 4003AC basses.  Photo by Jens Wassmuth.

Justin Collins

Duel, Black

Justin Collins of heavy psycheldelic stoner band Duel uses a Pinegrove Vintage-Style Drumstick Bag in black.

Shaun Avants


Shaun Avants, bassist with tripped out old school stoner metal band Duel from Austin Texas, uses a Pinegrove BS53 strap in tan.


Al Petteway

Grammy award winner Al Petteway, here with Amy White. Al uses a Pinegrove GS25 Guitar Strap. "I love my new vintage style strap from Pinegrove Leather. It has no metal parts that can scratch the finish and the leather is the best I’ve seen on a guitar strap."

Ciaran Algar

Multi-instrumentalist Ciaran Algar with his Pinegrove GS55 Guitar Strap matched to a luthier-built tenor guitar.

Raphael Dumas

The Sarah Olivier Band

Lead guitarist Raphael Dumas of the Sarah Olivier Band with his Pinegrove GS24 Guitar Strap slung on a standard Tele.


J D Wilkes

Author, actor, filmmaker, artist, songwriter and bandleader of The Legendary Shack Shakers, J D Wilkes bought himself a GS25 strap for his banjo at Red Rooster Festival 2019.  Incredible harmonica player too.

Irwin Sparkes


Felix & The Scootermen

Irwin Sparkes, guitarist and lead singer with The Hoosiers, wears a Pinegrove GS60 red two-tone strap.  Irwin's latest project features alter-ego band Felix & The Scootermen.

Davey Barwell

New Generation Superstars

Lead guitarist Davey Barwell of New Generation Superstars with a Pinegrove BS79 strap. "Jesus Christ it's so well made and comfortable. Love it."


Alex O. Numason

The Vintage Caravan

Alex O. Numason of explosive psychedelic hard rock band The Vintage Caravan hangs his Reverend Mercali bass on a Pinegrove BS53 strap.  Great guys we met at Black Deer Festival 2019.

Sam Morrow


ZZ Top-influenced Houston country blues rocker Sam Morrow plays it cool with a Pinegrove GS55 guitar strap.  

Dunken Francis

Boom! Boom! Deluxe

Dunken Francis of New Zealand retro-rock band Boom! Boom! Deluxe is a long-time user of the Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier.  "I love it, and I jump about a lot lol".


Luca Giovacchini

Emma Morton & The Graces

Luca Giovacchini wears a tan Pinegrove GS25 strap on his Italian MaC Jaguar-style guitar.  Luca plays with folk rock band Emma Morton & The Graces, led by Scottish songwriter Emma Morton.

Adam Schlenker


Bluegrass guitarist, composer and online tutor Adam Schlenker uses a Pinegrove GS55 strap.  "Exactly what I have been looking for for years!!! It's perfect."


Seth Mulder &

Midnight Run


Seth Mulder is mandolin player and bandleader for full-time bluegrass band Midnight Run, based in Gatlinburg.   "We perform 5-6 days a week, with a minimum 5hr shift. I know how important it is for a musician to have a comfortable strap."

POLLY Bolton 2019 sq mono.jpg

Polly Bolton

The Trials Of Cato

Polly Bolton (mandolin, banjo, vocals) has been touring internationally in various line ups since her early teens.  She currently plays with heart-stopping folk trio The Trials of Cato.

Greg Russell

UK folk hero Greg Russell uses Pinegrove GS55 guitar straps.  His 2017 project  Shake The Chains included folk luminaries  Peggy Seeger, Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr & Leon Rosselson

David Broad

Expert fingerstyle guitarist, double bassist and harmonica player  in the American folk tradition, David  Broad usually performs with The David Broad Trio and rockabilly hotshots The Hailbails.


Pablo Lafuente

BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winner Pablo Lafuente uses a Pinegrove GS55 guitar strap.  He tours with Josie Duncan, Jarlath Henderson, Ross Ainslie, The Outside Track and The Tweed Project.  Pictured here with Greg Russell, left.


Moyses Dos Santos

Brazilian bass player Moyses Dos Santos is best known as co-founder of Lola’s Day Off, along with Incognito and Level 42 drummer Pete Ray Biggin.  Moyses is a regular feature at Ronnie's Scott's 100 Club.


Ian Cleverdon

The Huers

Pinegrove came across The Huers at a number of guitar shows across the UK, and were wowed by the cool mastery of their folk genre.  Ian Cleverdon uses a number of Pinegrove straps.

Tom Mc Guinness BS66 April 2020 sq.jpg

Tom McGuinness

The Manfreds

The Blues Band

Tom McGuiness bought three Pinegrove straps in April 2020.  "Lovely leather and great craftsmanship".  Tom is an original member of The Manfreds (ex Manfred Mann),The Blues Band, and McGuinness Flint from 1970 to 1975.

bella gaffney 2018 sq mono.jpg

Bella Gaffney


2016 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award winner Bella Gaffney writes folk inspired songs and original arrangements of traditional pieces.  She currently plays in 4-piece The Magpies.

Greg Sowders vintage stick bag Jan 2020 sq mono.jpg

Greg Sowders

The Long Ryders


Long Ryders drummer Greg Sowders tours with a Pinegrove Vintage style drumstick bag.  "Love the bag. Very sentimental."  The Long Ryders were formed by Greg and Sid Griffin in 1981.  Mojo claims they unwittingly invented Americana.

David Grier pic from web site.jpg

David Grier

 Bluegrass guitar virtuoso David Grier is an IBMA three-time Bluegrass Guitarist of the Year.  After borrowing a strap from Adam Schlenker he says "I really like this strap & can't wait to show it to more of my friends."

Scott with Dragon Skin strap photo by Ed Fielding 2 mono.jpg

Scott Poley

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac

Multi-instrumentalist Scott Poley plays with tribute band Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, endorsed by Mick Fleetwood himself.   He is also a pedal steel player, a composer and producer.

GP mono.jpg

Grant Pritchard

Spending most of his time with a guitar in his hands, Grant Pritchard changes roles between live music performer and online guitar instructor.

Paddy Wells harmonica Pinegrove Leather endorser sml.jpg

Paddy Wells

Dust Radio

Paddy Wells is a powerful blues harp player with over 30 years experience and many accolades. His latest project is Dust Radio. Paddy is a also a freelance music journalist.

Bass Player mag image Danny Sapko for artists page.jpg

Danny Sapko


Winner of Bass Player magazine Bassist Of The Year, Danny Sapko is a professional session musician, who publishes many bass tips on YouTube.

Ben Hewlett tiny pic mono.jpg

Ben Hewlett

Ben Hewlett is a long-time harmonica pro, who runs the online tutoring school. Visit his web site to see many testimonials from students.

Delano Mills FB profile pic 2023.jpg

Delano Mills

Musical Youth

Delano Mills currently plays bass with the reformed Musical Youth. MYwere a group of five British kids who sold millions of records and became the first black group to appear on MTV.

ethan setiawan.jpg

Ethan Setiawan

Ethan Setiawan was the US National Mandolin Champion in 2014 and the 2017 RockyGrass Mandolin Champion. Ethan's music spans bluegrass, classical and free jazz.

Joe Coombs Sept 2023 Facebook sq.jpg

Joe Coombs

Guitarist Joe Coombs has toured with Yola, Sam Morrow, Jaime Wyatt, Jennifer Crook, Jonny Morgan, Alice Wallace, Sara Petite, Lynne Hanson and Newton Country

Kelan and Glen with new Pinegrove straps May 2024 copy.jpg

Kelan Hughes


Jack Tempchin 12-Pack 1.jpg

Jack Tempchin

Don Richardson BS66 (pro bass player) March 2024.jpeg.jpg

Don Richardson

Metal guitarist Kelan Hughes (right) runs the hugely successful KDH YouTube channel, reviewing kit and talking about everything to do with guitars. He is guitarist with the W.A.L.K.E.R. band with Glen Walker (left).

The man who wrote Peaceful Easy Feeling, and a true gentleman. Jack Tempchin wrote to us "I really love the [harmonica] case. I finally have all the keys with me when I need them."

Don Richardson is a pro bass player with 40+ years of experience and an impressive resume filled with stars. Don told us "Loving the [BS66] strap, it’s made a big difference."