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These professional musicians all rate our hand-built gear and are proud to endorse Pinegrove Leather.


Lindsay Anderton
Lucy Angel

Lead vocalist and harmonica player Lucy Anderton of US Country band Lucy Angel with her Pinegrove 4-Pack Harmonica Case.

Paul Gillings
The Harpoon Blues Band

World champion harmonica player Paul Gillings carries a Pinegrove 8-Pack Harmonica Case. "The leather was top quality and smelled amazing!" Paul also runs tee-shirt company https://www.harmonica-tees.co.uk.

Ric Colley
Howlin' Ric and the Rocketeers

Lead vocalist, guitarist and drummer Howlin' Ric uses a Pinegrove GS25 Guitar Strap to sling his acoustic, plus a Pinegrove Vintage Drumstick Bag to to stow his sticks. Ric also plays in psychobilly band The X-Ray Cat Trio. 


Tomlin Leckie

Online blues harp teacher Tomlin Leckie shows off the Pinegrove 12-Pack Harmonica Case in this video review

Liam Ward
The Liam Ward Band

Liam Ward of The Liam Ward Band and The Rumblestrutters with his Pinegrove 12-Pack Harmonica Case. Liam also runs LearnTheHarmonica.com and teaches harmonica 1-to-1.

Jake Robinson

Online harmonica reviewer and teacher Jake Robinson gives a video review of the Pinegrove harmonica bandolier here


Mike Harding

Chris Turpin

Ida Mae

Jim Moray

False Lights

Multi-instrumentalist and radio DJ Mike Harding with one of his Pinegrove Straight-8 Harmonica Cases. “The best harp roll ever IMHO"

Chris Turpin of Ida Mae with a Pinegrove BS79 Guitar Strap in tan.  Chris also uses a black BS79 matched to his all-brass National resonator guitar.

Jim Moray, major British folk artist: "I discovered Pinegrove straps at a festival and bought a padded guitar strap which I used that day. It hasn’t been off my instrument since, and I’ve recently bought another to live with a different guitar."