Rachel, Debbie and Rod at the Pinegrove Leather workshop

At Pinegrove Leather, it's very important to us that you are 100% happy with any product you receive. We also try to give the best in customer service. If you read the reviews on most product pages you'll see we do it too. Our products are fully guaranteed at two levels.

First of all, we want you to be totally 100% satisfied with your Pinegrove case or strap when you get it. We want you to check it over and make sure you're completely happy with…

The design of the product
The look and feel of the leather
The quality of the leather
The quality of the crafting
The utility of the product

That last item means for example, that your guitar strap should be as comfortable as you hoped it would be, and you can adjust it to the exact length you want. If it's a harmonica bandolier you have, then it should hold your harps just as you'd want, not too loose, not too tight.

If your Pinegrove product fails on any of these points, then send it back. Not only will we refund you, we'll also pay your return postage. No reasons necessary, and you'll get no arguments from us. Hey - we're friendly! If you just need some advice, call us on 07973 154888 (UK) or write using email (info@pinegroveleather.com) or the Get In Touch page on this web site. You can also use Facebook to message us (Search for Pinegrove Leather). Rod, Rachel, Debbie or Lou will get back to you ASAP.

This adaptor for guitars with combined jack endpins can be supplied free with any of our guitar straps

The second level guarantee is for life. Once you've decided you want keep your Pinegrove product (as 99.9% of people do), then you have a complete guarantee for life against any problems with the leather, the metalware or the crafting of the product. We're happy to give this guarantee because we're such perfectionists. OK so we're human, and humans make mistakes, but the stitching and everything else on every case and strap gets checked after every stage in its making, when it's put into stock and when it's pulled out of stock for dispatch.

We also give a lifetime guarantee because we use the best leather, the best stitching thread and the highest quality metalware. This stuff doesn't wear out. Not unless it gets run over by a train. That might do for it.