BLS49 Banjo Strap (loop style)

BLS49 Banjo Strap (loop style)



This all-leather banjo strap is made from 3mm thick, soft vegetable tanned leather. The strap is 1 1/4 inches wide (30mm) with a 2 3/4 inch (70mm) wide shoulder pad. The cushioned shoulder pad is a long 18" (46cm), so eases the pressure of a heavy resonator style banjo across your back. The exact position of the shoulder pad can be altered for maximum comfort, without affecting the height and angle of the banjo.

Length adjustment is via our standard double-stud method, giving a 38-53" range. The length is set using Pinegrove's unique design using tradiotional Sam Browne solid brass studs. A sliding leather cover protects your banjo from the brass studs. Please ask if you need a longer or shorter strap.

Attachment to the banjo is very flexible and Pinegrove supplies everything you need. The strap can be supplied with 5/8" (16mm) leather loops which can be fitted around the brackets (J hooks) and secured with strong brass screw-on Chicago bolts, also supplied. Alternatively you can choose tie-on leather cords or solid brass trigger hooks. Please specify in the options.

• Available in three colours.
• Designed and hand-made in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England.
• 100% satisfaction guarantee. All cost refunded if returned.
• Comes in a cotton gift bag with a free picks/plectrums box.
• Phone 07973 154888 (UK) or message me anytime for more details.

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