Extra-Long Guitar Strap Tail Piece (accessory)

Extra-Long Guitar Strap Tail Piece (accessory)


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This 1-inch wide (2.5cm) tail strap adds another 8 inches (20cm) to your existing Pinegrove guitar or bass strap.  It can be used with the following straps:

  • GS41 & BS53 solid leather guitar straps
  • GS56 Conway straps
  • GS61 & BS63 padded guitar straps
  • BS64 & BS66 4-inch padded bass straps
  • GS60, GS74 & GS77 Tombstone straps
  • GS70 & GS75 Skyrocket straps
  • BS73 Concho Straps
  • GS78, BS79 & GS80 Buckle Feature straps
  • GS90 Cutaway Straps


Please enter model, colour and stitch colour of your strap so we can make a matching Extra-Long Tail Strap.


Customer Reviews (1)

Krish Bedfordshire

Fantastic product. Craftsmanship is 1st class. Lovely thickness to the leather, wonderful hand feel and deep colour. Fits my Levy Mss2 strap.

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