MS37 1/2" Mandolin Strap (A shape)

MS37 1/2" Mandolin Strap (A shape)


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This fixed-length light strap comes in 1.5mm thick leather, giving strength and flexibility. We offer 4 kinds of attachment options for this strap, see the options.  See separate page for F-style mandolins with a scroll.   No metal parts.  
June 2016: Improved with double-thickness leather around pin holes.
Developed with long-time player Ivan Kelsall for his three mandolins, it's suitable for use over the shoulder or round the body. Ivan's comment: "The leather is really soft & pliable without being ‘floppy’ & despite being only a 1/2” wide, feels very comfortable in use. I won’t need any other straps for a long while."
A-style 1: Has quarter-inch strap-pin holes at each end of the strap. Choose this if you have a strap-pin where the neck meets the body (ie the heel), as well as at the tailpiece.
A-style 2: Has a 12" long leather thong (cord/lace) to tie onto the headstock. When specifying the length, include the length of the strap only, not the thong.*
A-style 3: Has a 4" loop for the headstock. Choose this if you like to loop the end of the strap around the headstock and tied to itself. When specifying the length, measure from the end pin to the headstock.   Supplied with leather cord to tie the loop*
A-style 4: Has a 15" loop tied with a short thong. Choose this if you like to loop the end of the strap around the body where it meets the neck, and under the floating fretboard. When specifying the length, measure from the end pin to the point where the neck meets the body.*
*The best way to work out the length is to get a piece of string and make yourself a mock-up strap from that. Then lay it out flat on a table and measure the total length.  Enter the length required in the options.
Please note it may take us a week to make this custom item. Comes in a cotton gift bag with a free gift - see options.
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Burt, Louisiana: hey strap came in, I really like it alot, fits perfectly! tks

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