How To Stop A Mandolin Cord From Slipping

slipping cord 1.jpg

The Pinegrove MS50 Mandolin Strap comes with a simple but ingenious method for length adjustment.  However, sometimes the leather cord we use is a bit narrower or smoother than usual, and this can cause the cord to slip through the holes in the main strap.  Here's how to fix it.

slipping cord 2.jpg

First pull one end of the cord out from its lacing hole.

slipping cord 3.jpg

Pass the loose cord underneath the other diagonal piece.

slipping cord 4.jpg

Loop it round and under the other piece again.

slipping cord 5.jpg

Finally poke the loose end back down the lacing hole that it came out of. 

slipping cord 6.jpg

Give the strap a strong tug to make sure it's all good and tight with no slipping.  You're ready to go!