Leather Care

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How To Clean Suede
First of all, there is "normal" smooth leather and there is suede. Never put any creams or waxes on suede, that will just goo it up. Clean with a clothes brush or a suede brush used for suede shoes. You can make suede waterproof using a spray, of which there are many brands.

How To Clean Nubuck
Nubuck is similar to suede. It's like leather with a matte finish. Many suede cleaners can be used on Nubuck too, as can a suede brushes. Nubuck sanding blocks are also very effective. They effectively remove the top layer of leather, so don't do this every day! You can even try a rubber eraser. A protective spray should be used afterwards, which will restore the colour. 

How to Clean Finished Leather
Now we can look at smooth leathers… Check for the type of leather it is with a few drops of water. Does it sink in and darken the leather or sit in a blob on the surface? If the latter is it "finished" leather with a permanent coating to protect it. Dirt can be cleaned off this leather with a damp cloth, and you can give it a shine with any leather spray commonly found in supermarkets.
This kind of leather is usually pretty tough, but if you do get a bad scratch you probably need the advice of a shoe repairer. The scratch may need to be re-dyed and filled. 

How To Clean Waxy Leather
If the water sinks right in, the leather is known as "aniline". Water will stain but the colour will recover when the water dries off, as often happens with cotton fabric. Waxy leather has a waxy feel and changes colour when rubbed from behind, lightly scratched or bent. The proper colour returns with a little rubbing with the thumb. 

Applying preparations to these kind of leathers is not necessary and can even be harmful. Daily use is the best thing, which allows the leather to breathe and absorb the moisture it needs to remain supple. If you want to add more shine to your item, try using a leather cream. Try it on a small inconspicuous part of your item first, to make sure there are no adverse effects. 

Dirt on aniline leather can be brushed off when dry, or rubbed off with a slightly damp cloth. Allow the leather to dry slowly afterwards. Bad scratch? Keep rubbing and try using a little wax from an equestrian supplier. See http://bestleather.org/ashland-leathers-chromexcel-scratch-removal-guide/

How To Clean Non-Waxy Aniline Leather
Again water sinks into this leather but it is more shiny, and has a strong but not unpleasant smell. To add shine, use a leather cream made from natural oils and waxes. This may also help with scratches. Elbow grease can help scratches! Bad scratches should be taken to a shoe repairer for advice. They have the specialist dyes and waxes that may be necessary. 

If you need more advice on caring for your Pinegrove case or strap, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're more than happy to help.