What Strap Locks Should I Use?

Guitar strap lock

We are often asked to customise our straps so that proper strap locks can be fitted.  Please do ask when you order!  We will make the pin holes larger to accommodate.

Most of our straps are thicker than other brands. This can make fitting strap locks more of a challenge. If we know in advance, then we can often make the leather thinner around the pin holes, or make you a strap specially.  (No extra charge.)

The best solution to this problem is simple: Schaller S-Locks. Not only are these strap locks impressively secure, they also have a longer shank to fit through the pin hole on your strap.   

Schaller S-Locks in box

These strap locks have belt-and-braces security. When attaching the lock to your strap, you not only screw down a big nut, you can also screw in a grub screw and give it an extra tighten using a hex key (AKA Allen key).  All the tools are supplied.


Another big plus for these strap locks is the strap pin itself.  I often find that the pin (AKA strap button) provided with other strap locks can only be used with the matching strap locks on a strap.   What if you get to a gig and find you've forgotten that strap?  Disaster!  A friend might lend you a strap, but its unlikely to have the right strap locks on it.  Double disaster!  The Schaller S-Locks have a pins that can be used just like an ordinary strap pins. Not so secure of course, but they will get you through the gig.


Fitting Strap Locks

Fitting strap locks can be a bit of a challenge.   The pin holes on your straps need to be made a little bigger.  This is OK if you have a cheap strap, as the leather is so thin that it's easy to cut, or just fold out of the way.   At Pinegrove, we have already made our straps good and tough around the pin hole, so this can be more difficult.   Ideally the pin hole needs to be enlarged to 10mm diameter (7/16 inches).  If you buy a strap from us knowing that you want to fit strap locks, then tell us and we can enlarge the pin holes for you.  We use a 10mm punch to make a neat job of this.   Cheap ones can be bought on eBay.

10mm leather punch.jpg

Here's an extra bonus: When fitting the strap pins themselves, you might be lucky enough to find that the existing strap pins on your guitar are already the right size. I found this on my Ibanez AFC125 that I bought a few years ago. A big time saver!

Schaller S-Locks are widely available online. You can even buy them direct from Germany at https://schaller.info/en/slocks/   Go get!