About Pinegrove Leather - Techniques & Finishes

Choosing the leather. We consider the provenance, quality of the hide as well as its colour and grain.

Pinegrove Leather: Skins on display at an Italian leather show in 2016

Contrasting leather colours and textures. We love the natural grain in leather, which makes every piece unique, but sometimes use an embossed skin to achieve a certain textural mix in the piece.

Blending leather colours and effects at Pinegrove Leather

We use the finest quality fastenings, usually solid brass.

Buckle detail on a Pinegrove Leather Ever Ready Harmonica Case

Our heat embossing machine gives a permanent effect.

Debossing press at Pinegrove Leather

Meticulous stitching by perfectionists. A misplaced stitch hole in leather cannot be covered up as in woven textiles, so we have to be very careful.

Sewing at Pinegrove Leather

A lot of time is spent on sealing and polishing the edges of our leather cases and straps.

Sealing the edges of a harmonica case at Pinegrove Leather

We're proud of the detail in our design.

Pinegrove Leather guitar strap