The 309s - Hot Hot Hot CD

The 309s - Hot Hot Hot CD



Rod Boyes of Pinegrove Leather isn't just a leathersmith, he is also plays guitar and harmonica in Americana band The 309s.  He does a bit of lead singing too, along with the band's female vocalist Nancy Varo.   The 309s play dance music from 1940s & 50s America, perfect for jive dancing or just having a good time.  This CD features 7 self-penned originals.  Published May 2022.  

See for more details.  The CD comes with password-protected download details so you can store it on your mobile device, smart speaker, etc.

Look up The 309s on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Deezer.   You can also hear our 2016 album Playing Tonight.   (Sorry, CDs sold out!)

Track listing:

  • Fireproof
  • Hot Hot Hot
  • Drunk On You
  • Call Me
  • All Night
  • Love Comes Calling Your Name
  • Have You Got Something For Me?


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