BS73 Western Guitar Strap - White & Bronze

BS73 Western Guitar Strap - White & Bronze



• Double-padded for long lasting comfort

• Full 3 inches wide (76mm)

• Quality conchos, not cheap tinplate

• Thick, high quality leather

• Suitable for all guitars and bass guitars


The Pinegrove BS73 Leather Guitar Strap is hand built for lasting comfort, so reducing shoulder pain from long gigs and rehearsals. It can be used with all guitars and bass guitars, electric and acoustic.  This white version was designed for a customer with Gretsch White Falcon.  We also have a white version with silver-colour conchos.  Choose the one that matches the metalwork on your guitar.


On the top side is soft, luxurious leather in bright white with a light grain pattern.  This leather is 5oz weight, 2mm thick and very tough.  On the back of the strap is cream nubuck, good and thick, which will never wear thin or otherwise let you down.  Inside are two layers of padding, designed and tested for long-term comfort.  The whole strap is expertly stitched together with highest quality non-decay thread, so it will stay together and survive tough treatment.


The BS73 guitar strap is a full 3" wide (76mm). The strap has a standard interweave adjustment tailpiece with 8 slots, giving a long adjustment range. See the options. The pin holes are a standard 8mm (3/8") wide. Add a note to your order if you require larger pin holes for strap locks.


Pinegrove Leather Western Guitar Straps



• Designed and hand-made in rural Shropshire, England

• Rod's guarantee: If you don't love it, send it back! All costs refunded

• Phone 07973 154888 (UK) or message us anytime for more details


Tech spec:

Strap width: 3" (76mm)

Strap length: See options

Weight: 250g (10oz) approx

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