Harmonica Microphone Clip - green bullet style

Harmonica Microphone Clip - green bullet style



Suitable for…
• Shure 520DX "Green Bullet" (and vintage 520s)
• Superlux D112/C
• Peavy H-5C "Cherry Bomb"
• Digital Reference DRHM1 "Red Howler"

The Ammo Clip 520 will hold your bullet mic securely and conveniently on any microphone stand, keeping it safe when not in use and easy to grab when needed.  You can also use the mic while on the clip, so perfect if you want to play guitar and play your harp in a neck brace.

Designed specifically to fit the Shure 520DX, but also suitable for other harmonica mics with a similar shell. 

Supplied with a threaded stand attachment with a moulded 3/8" thread and a metal 5/8" adapter, so it is ready to use right away.  Available in green, blue and black.

Does NOT include microphone!  :-D

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