Double Harmonica Belt Pouch

Double Harmonica Belt Pouch




    • Holds two blues harps
    • Thick tough leather
    • Multiple colours - see options
    • Clean, confident design

Harmonicas are so great because they are so portable, so there's never any need to be without.   (You never know when you find yourself in the middle of a jam session.)  But what if you don't carry a bag with you everywhere?  Answer: stick a couple on your belt!    One in key C and one in key A will cover all blues songs in G and E, which is a lot!  More if you can play in 1st and 3rd position.

This carrier holds two diatonic 10-hole blues harmonicas and fits onto any belt.  The 2mm thick (5oz) leather is extremely tough so will give your harps good protection against knocks and scrapes.  The long protective flap fastens using a large brass stud.  The pouch has a simple riveted construction.  Inside are individual holders to prevent the two harps from touching and scratching each other.   The integral belt loop can fit any belt up to 3 inches wide (75mm).

Multiple harp cases can be fitted around your waist for sessions and jams.  A single harmonica holder is also available.  Never be caught out without a harp again!

    • Comes in a reusable cotton gift bag
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • We ship worldwide and usually have stock ready to go
    • Designed and hand-built in Shropshire, England

Customer Reviews (3)

Rob in Wantage

I just wanted to let you know that my pouch arrived today and I am delighted with it. It is exactly what I was looking for, seems very nice quality, and the speed of service was great. I'll happily recommend you to anyone I know. All the best, Rob

From Adam in the Channel Islands:- Having just received my 2 Harp belt pouch, I was so impressed with both the quality and the excellent customer service I received from Rod, that I ordered a second one. The leather quality is great, they are very well constructed and strongly put together with brass rivets. Separating the harps in 2 separate holders inside the case is a good design feature, it stops damage to you instruments. They will hold, in my opinion any normal 10 hole diatonic harp. The belt loop is incorporated into the overall case & not just an add on, it is large enough for all belt widths. An absolutely great bit of kit, well recommended. As are the rest of Rod's harmonica products.

From Peter in Lüdenscheid, Germany: Hallo Pinegrove Team, Alles in Ordnung das Paket ist gestern angekommen, die Tasche ist Klasse das beste was man finden kann für Mundharmonikas. Vielen Dank für die schöne Tasche. (sent via email)

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