Harmonica Bandolier

Harmonica Bandolier


• 2mm thick quality leather
• Can be worn over left or right shoulder
• Choice of sizes
• Independent video review at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqNGPDNXdPQ
The Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier is made using the highest quality full grain vegetable-tanned leather. It's 2mm thick, with a 3.5mm thick strap. After tanning, the leather has been drum-softened to give flexibility and raise its beautiful natural grain. Every piece is different.
The Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier is designed to hold10-hole diatonic blues harmonicas. Choose your number of pockets in the options. The pockets are sized to hold any straight harps, from Crossovers to Lee Oskars.. The pockets hold your harps quite tight at first, but after a day or two the pockets form themselves to the shape of your harps and it becomes easier to pull the harps out. The pockets still remain tight enough to hold the harps so they don't fall out easily, even if you hold the bandolier upside down. In short, we've experimented and got the leather and the pocket size just right.
The back strap on the bandolier is 40mm wide (just over 1 1/2"), fitted with a interchangeable plate buckle. The total length range is 136-152cm (52-60"), suitable for most people. This long length allows the bandolier to lie against your hip and look pretty damn cool. Let us know if you need the strap longer or shorter.
The Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier has an original design with comfort in mind. The angled ends and large solid brass D-rings allow the bandolier to curve around your shoulder and hip naturally. This makes for a really comfortable fit, whatever your body shape. When you are not playing, the bandolier can be folded or rolled up with your harps intact.

• Comes in a cotton gift bag with a free single harmonica pouch, information card and Pinegrove sticker.
• Black or brown leather with a beautiful all-natural grain
• Solid brass hardware
• Made in our own workshop in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England


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Doktah D, San Ignacio, Belize. Always lusted for a really nice harp bandolier for when playing jams that, by their nature, have you playing in a wide variety of keys over the course of the night. I was a bit worried about looking “over dressed” at my first jam using the bandolier but it was SOOOO convenient I forgot about that in a hurry! And, truth to tell, it looks as great as it works. Lots of positive comments from both musicians and audience. What fun! It did take a bit of fitting to get it to hang flat across my chest but I figured it out. Now I guess I want the 4 harp belt holster for my own gigs where I’m playing resonator guitars and the bandolier is a bit much!

Gordon Dewdney, Copford, Essex UK: Bought for gift - fantastic quality and workmanship and delivered promptly. Phone service was excellent when enquiring and internet order passed flawlessly- can't recommend them enough !

Steven Mathews, LONE TREE, CO United States: High quality work. Looks great. Proud to own this item and use it at my next gig.

Greg "Harpfool" Shields, Aurora, ON Canada: "Leather Harp Bandolier. After years of random harmonica stage chaos (Where to put the harp case so it won't get stumbled over? Which pockets to put which harps in? etc etc) I found Pinegrove Leather's harp bandolier. I ordered a 12-pocket model to cover all the keys. It was delivered quickly (from UK to Canada) and is everything I've been looking for. Comfortable to wear (the leather is soft and pliable) and easy to use - the pockets hold the harps securely but they are easy to take out and replace, With the belt buckle arrangement you can adjust to fit you most comfortably. Finally - you're dealing with real people at Pinegrove Leather - many thanks to Rod for providing a great piece of gear and a great purchasing experience!" [Copied from old web site]

"Bubblehead, PA - United States: ""10-Slot Bandolier. I also have a 10-Slot Harp Roll. They are beautiful, functional, and very well made. Both will be family heirlooms for many generations. I am proud to own them, and would highly recommend them to anyone who plays harmonica! Many thanks to the Pinegrove Team!"" [Copied from old web site]"

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