Harmonica Bandolier

Harmonica Bandolier


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• 2mm thick quality leather 
• Can be worn over left or right shoulder
• Choice of sizes
• Black, brown, red or tan leather
• Brass or steel hardware (buckle etc.)

The Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier is made using the highest quality full grain vegetable-tanned leather. It's 2mm thick, with a 3.5mm thick strap. After tanning, the leather has been drum-softened to give flexibility and raise its beautiful natural grain. Every piece is different.

The Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier is custom made with 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 pockets, for 10-hole diatonic blues harmonicas. The pockets are sized to hold any straight harps, from Crossovers to Lee Oskars. We've even managed to squeeze in a huge Huang Star Perfomer**. The pockets hold your harps quite tight at first, but after a day or two the pockets form themselves to the shape of your harps and it becomes easier to pull the harps out.

The back strap on the bandolier is 40mm wide (just over 1 1/2"), fitted with a interchangeable Western buckle.   Adjustment range is 20cm (8 inches), but  length is not vital as in a waist belt.  If you are unusually big or small and want a good fit, measure around yourself with a fabric tape measure and let us know the length.

The Pinegrove Harmonica Bandolier has an original design with comfort in mind. The angled ends and large D-rings allow the bandolier to curve around your shoulder and hip naturally.  This makes for a really comfortable fit, whatever your body shape. When you are not playing, the bandolier can be folded or rolled up with your harps intact.

    • Comes in a cotton gift bag with a free harmonica pouch & stickers.
    • Shipped worldwide with tracking
    • Hand-built in Shropshire, England
    • Phone 07973 154888 (UK) or message Rod anytime for more details

​**Not a recommended harmonica!

Customer Reviews (25)

Chuck in Seattle

Oh my gosh!Received my blues harp bandolier today. It's quite frankly fabulous.Very well made from sturdy materials. Beautiful buckle.As the literature states, the initial fit of the harps into the bandolier is deliberately over-snug so when the leather stretches a bit they will still be tight. Should be perfect after stretching in,.
Idan in Israel

Hi everyone I have received my order and it is beautiful it is amazing I love it thank you very much!!!
Kevin Indianapolis

I just got the harmonica Bandelero frome Pingrove! Great work and thanks again! I love it!!!

Dr. Tom, AZ: The bandolier is beautiful. Thanks for your craftsmanship, delivery speed and excellent communications.

S.L., Israel: The harmonica bandolier had arrived today and I am very pleased with it. It fits me very well and it is very comfortabe to wear. Moreover, it looks stunning and I consoider it as a real piece of art!!! A supreme quality item as all of the other awesome Pinegrove Leather products that I own. (I own more than what you can see here as I used to purchase also from your 'old' website.) Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!

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