Leather Guitar Accessory Wallet - Diamond Style

Leather Guitar Accessory Wallet - Diamond Style

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This diamond shaped leather guitarist's wallet is specially designed to to hold a trigger capo*, such as the Kyser and the G7th Nashville. It also has four slots that can hold up to 12 picks (plectrums), plus a second pocket for cash, cards, etc. The case is small enough to fit in your pocket or the compartment in a guitar case.
This guitar picks wallet is made with thick 2mm top-grain leather. This is very strong and hard wearing and will give many years' service. The silicone thong stretches to hold the wallet tightly closed, and forms a diamond-within-a-diamond in its path around the hand-made leather button.
Supplied in a cotton gift bag. A great gift for any guitar player.

Item size: 120x180x15mm
Item weight: 80g
*Most guitar players have a capo to help them play in different keys. It clamps across strings on the fretboard, and makes the whole guitar play at a higher pitch. Banjo and mandolin players also use them.

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