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Twelve-Pack Leather Harmonica Case
The Pinegrove Twelve-Pack Leather Harmonica Case holds 12 blues harps.  Top grain leather. Hand-crafted in England.

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This case will hold up to 12 blues harmonicas strong and safe. It's built out of thick leather and stitched together with unbreakable thread, so will last forever. It took me a long time to find this leather and its perfect for the job. It's thick, so it protects. It's soft, so it cushions your precious harps. It's got a beautiful natural grain which is unique on every piece, and develops more character with age. I haven't stopped there, I've covered all areas. The 12-Pack has solid brass fasteners and a tough canvas lining, so you can trust it will last and last. You get a lifetime guarantee with it, so give it a hard time.

Yes, this is all-natural leather, tanned the old way with tree bark and plant extracts (tannins). Each cowhide is then softened in a huge rolling drum to make its natural grain rise. This also brings out any marks and scratches which just add more character. Every case is different. See that perfect-looking leather in the stores? It's all fake. With a Pinegrove 12-Pack Harp Case, you get the real thing. Take your choice of black or brown leathers when you order. This style case is also available for 4, 6, 8, 9 or 16 harmonicas.

We make this case from start to finish here in our workshop, so you know it's well made. We cut every piece, sew every stitch and slowly finish every edge, so you get perfection and a great home for your harps. Finally we place this baby in a soft cotton gift bag and then a tough, padded, waterproof mail bag, so it gets to you just as we made it. You also get a complimentary leather harp pouch, a leather Pinegrove beer mat, a Pinegrove sticker and a lifetime guarantee card.

Special Features:

• Highest quality full grain leather that won't wear out
• Compact design
• Pockets shaped for easy access
• Case folds back to become a bench-top harp holder
• Suitable for use on stage, in music sessions or at home
• Solid brass hardware with antique finish
• Tough, thick, everlasting synthetic thread
• Reinforced side panels

Why you should buy this case:

• Our most popular harmonica case
• My promise: If you don't love it, send it back. All costs refunded
• Read the reviews on this page, they make us very proud
• Hand-built in our own workshop in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England
• Comes in a cotton gift bag with a free gift. See options
• Also comes with a free sticker and leather beer mat
• Fast shipping worldwide using British Royal Mail with tracking - stock usually ready to go
• Designed by a harmonica player, made by perfectionists

Occasional wrinkles, scratches, small flat areas and spots are typical on the leather used for this case. Full grain means it’s the topmost layer, the outer layer of the cowhide and the toughest part. The grain has an incredible natural beauty and makes every case unique. We select the best parts of each hide for the outer cover and aim to achieve symmetry in the grain pattern across it. We do not use parts of the hide that will be detrimental to the product's performance. These parts are often re-used for tags - we respect the cow.

Item size: Approx 300x140x65mm (9x5x2.5 inches)
Item weight: Approx 500g (17oz)

This item is sent with courier tracking (recorded delivery or Airsure) as default, due to its value.

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Twelve-Pack Leather Harmonica Case September 19, 2017
Reviewer: Tano Ro from MILANO, MI Italy  
Excellent service, communication, design, material. You will be very happy with your purchase ! Guarantee !!!

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Stunning Review or Why I Need a Sixth Star August 27, 2017
Reviewer: Gary Glazner from Brooklyn, NY United States  
Yesterday, during a session of creating and performing poetry with people who are living with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia, I played DeFord Bailey's "Pan American Blues." I am learning from Flisko's video... we were all chugga- chugga- whoo! whoo! (alzpoetry.com) Driving home I came to a NO LEFT TURN sign! Made the turn anyway and right there was a proper bobby in a panda! Pulled me over lights flashing, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" "Yes, Mister Officer, I apologize." His partner said, "Is that a harmonica?" I said, "Wanna hear a song?" She said, "I love harmonica!" I played the "I'm a Man," riff and sang, "I made a wrong turn," Ba Da Da Dat! "I hope I learn," Ba Da Da Dat! "To read more carefully," Ba Da Da Dat! They let me go and were laughing With my Pinegrove Twelve-Pack Leather Harmonica Case. I am so organized and confident! Bonus all my harmonicas taste like leather! Cheers!

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Super handcrafted Item August 11, 2017
Reviewer: Andreas Mann from Wiesbaden, Hessen Germany  
I'm the proud owner of several harmonica cases (for diatonic and chromatic harmonicas) from Pinegrove Leather. All of the cases are manufactured with a very high level of craftsmanship, are very functional and nice to see and handle.

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The Best Harmonica Cases !!! March 15, 2017
Reviewer: Marko Jovanovic from Berlin, Berlin Germany  
I was looking for a long time but now I know were to find them.. The Best Harmonica Cases you can get are made by Rod and his crew... Thank you for exellent work.

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12 pack Harmonica holder January 30, 2017
Reviewer: Tall Richard Roquemore from Plymouth, MA United States  
An excellent purchase. High quality item. Bought it for a friend who is a fellow harmonica player for his 60th birthday. He loved it. I will buy one for myself sometime in the future. Well constructed. ..quality leather and expert craftsmanship. I had another one from a maker no longer in business and had been looking for a while so I was glad to happen upon your company. I will recommend your product to anyone who asks. I know a lot of fellow harp players that would really like this product.

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