Free Pinegrove stickers! Yup, completely free.

7 Nov 2019

Rod writes...

We've been giving away a free "Pinegrove" case sticker with everything we make for a couple of years now.   Recently I bought extra from our supplier Fastprint, so we've plenty to give away.  Just email us your mail address and we'll send you half a dozen.  We'll even pay the postage.  How good is that?!  Email us at or use the Get In Touch page.



These are tough vinyl stickers with strong adhesive so they stick well to cases with textured finishes.   Fastprint gave me samples to check before I bought any and they were better than I expected.  They even make good bumper stickers as no amount of rain has any effect on them.  If you want some with your band logo on then I recommend them.  Go to



If you're music tutor and want to give Pinegrove stickers to your students, just let us know how many you need.   Point us to your web site or other online listing to show us you're a genuine tutor.

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