New 4 inch BS64 Bass & Guitar Strap

4 Jul 2019

Rod writes...

New to our gutar strap collection this summer is the BS64 Bass Guitar Strap.   Perfect for heavy basses and solid body guitars such as Gibson Les Pauls.  No more sore shoulder at the end of a long gig!  Here's me with an early production version at The Guitar Show a few months ago.

Rod Boyes of Pinegrove Leather with the new BS64 guitar strap, 4 inches wide.

We currently have these in jet black, Havana brown, denim blue and cherry red.  Beautiful high quality richly tanned leather.  All a full 4 inches (100mm) wide, and stuffed with two layers of padding.  It's the armchair of guitar straps!

BS64 bass guitar strap in black, red, blue and brown

Note how I've designed it with a long taper at the front end so that it doesn't get in the way of your playing.  Yes, I'm well pleased with the BS64!


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