New Unusual Guitar Strap - The GS56


The GS56 is an unusual looking strap that's new for 2020.  It features two Conway buckles, normally seen on harnesses and bridles for horses.  This blog from Oakside Saddlery's blog shows how easy it is to adjust


The GS56 was inspired by an email from US customer Jamie Murphy, who had a 40-year old guitar strap of a similar design.  We weren't able to make an exact copy, but the GS56 uses stronger 3.5mm vegetable-tanned leather so we think we've improved on it.



The two Conway loops are solid brass.  We currently have the GS56 in black or brown leather.  We'll be adding tan to the range, and options of white contrast stitching.  Just ask if you want any of these.


More details:

Brown GS56:

Black GS56:

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