Yep, it's a brand new web site!

Here's a big "Hi!" from Rod and team to all our web site visitors and customers both old and new.   Those of you used to the old web site will notice it's black instead of white, but rest assured that's the biggest difference.  


New Pinegrove Leather web site July 2019


I've tried to keep the the new web site organised much like the old, but better!  The big Guitar and Harmonica sections are now split up down the page so you can now find things more easily.  Just scroll down the page and you'll find everything is there as before.  Here's a shrunk-down shot of the whole Harmonica section as seen on a computer screen:



If you are outside the UK, the prices can be easily changed to your currency (or one you can use).  The drop-down menu is at the top of every screen on computers & laptops, and at the bottom on smartphones and tablets.



The FAQ page can be found at the bottom of every page along with theT&Cs and Privacy Policy stuff.



Like the new site?   The best thing IMHO is a much more user-friendly checkout process.   Let me know if you find bugs or  glitches - I want to know about them!

Best wishes,

Rod and team in the Pinegrove workshop

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